Few endeavors display the responsibility of discipline, the risk of leadership and the qualities of those willing to accept them more than the Pilot of an aircraft.

The PreFlight “Aviation Cadet Camp & Stem Learning Center” is a 20 hour youth development and mentor program for young adults ages 13 to 17. During this extraordinary confidence and character building activity students will learn important communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills while building upon the values of personal accountability and self-reliance in a mature environment. Upon completion each student will be introduced to the core curriculum of the FAA knowledge exam, and will be able to demonstrate strong “stick and rudder” proficiency in the Cessna 172 flight simulator.

Students will be immersed in a transformative academic and skill based experience within a fully dedicated STEM environment modeled after The National Flight Academy in Pensacola, Florida and the Aerospace Museum of California located in Sacramento. Programs include powered flight, gliding, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV, or drone) and sport kite flying. In The PreFlight “Aviation Cadet Camp & Stem Learning Center” cadets learn to respect the rules which protect the aviation environment as well as the rights of all participants in a disciplined and ordered society.

In a collaborative setting Cadets organize into small groups that work together to maximize their own and each other's learning potential in a project based learning environment. Research indicates that students completing cooperative learning tasks tend to have higher test scores, greater comprehension of the subjects they are studying and superior performance. Perhaps the most significant characteristic of group learning is that it continually requires participation of the student in the learning process, and respect for the participants and their instructors.

In The PreFlight Simulation Studio Cadets are introduced to the principles of aerodynamics and flight in a realistic setting. Students will plan and perform technical flight maneuvers and demonstrate their competency with the relevant application. Cadets then learn how to transfer these skills and concepts to real world in flight cross country and emergency procedures. The PreFlight Simulation Studio uses video, text and a state-of-the-art flight simulation platform to integrate the science, math and engineering technology of modern aviation training with the theory and practices appropriate for the required in-flight skill sets.

While the Aviation Cadet Camp is based on the principles of flight, the greater objective is for the purpose of mature development through a rich academic and vocational experience focused on life changing and meaningful social skills in a dynamic and vivid learning environment. Throughout their training students are encouraged to engage in higher order critical thinking in order to honestly asses their own performance, and the performance of others, in ways which build competence, confidence and self-esteem in a competitive setting.