“Ramp Rats”

“Ramp Rats” is a recreational theme for aviation enthusiasts who just want to enjoy the thrill of flying the plane of their choice without investing $5,000 to $10,000 in a professional home based simulation environment. Don’t know how to fly? Learn with us! Then, fly alone, or with a group. Modern flight simulation is exciting, challenging, and in the PreFlight Aviation & Flight Simulation Studio the weather is always CAVU (Ceiling And Visibility unlimited).

However, the desktop simulator is not just for recreation, and the importance of modern desktop simulation for training and proficiency maintenance cannot be overstated. Rod Machado, writing for AOPA, describes the modern flight simulator as one solution to the high cost of aviation training. Rod says, “Good simulation software, large monitors, an effective syllabus, good management, and exceptional teaching skill helps students earn their pilot certificates in less time and with less money . . . . . shaving approximately $4,500 off the cost of a private pilot certificate earned at a traditional flight school.” Rod was the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) National Flight Instructor Spokesman and a contributing columnist for 15 years.

Just like the United Air Lines Training Center in Denver Colorado, the desktop simulator allows pilots to develop skills and practice emergency procedures that may not be practical, or safe, during in-flight conditions.

You are limited only by your imagination in the PreFlight Aviation & Flight Simulation Studio. Let’s fly!!

  • Straight and level flight, turn, climb and descend with accuracy

  • Fly ground reference maneuvers with precision

  • Precision slow flight at minimum controllable airspeed.

  • Fly the airport pattern for speed and precision

  • Fly the airport pattern take-off to landing with less than minimum visibility

  • Precision approach

  • Non precision approach

  • Cross wind approach and landings

  • Extreme weather (The variables are unlimited)

  • Emergency procedures

  • Cross county planning on the ground & in the airplane

  • Assist from the right seat (Co-pilot)

  • Aerobatics