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Flight Simulation Is Not A Game Anymore

“I can give you a six-word formula for success: Think things through - then follow through.” - Eddie Rickenbacker 

If you would like to become a pilot, or simply enjoy the miracle of flight, then you are in the right place. Thanks to modern technology the marvel and joy of aviation is no longer determined by your age or economic opportunity. You don’t need an airplane or good weather, and it doesn’t matter where you live. Inside the PrefFlight Aviation Training Center & Flight Simulation Studio we will teach you how to fly like a professional as you cruise over Manhattan at sunrise and circle the Golden Gate at sunset. The PreFlight Aviation & Flight Simulation Studio is the place to enjoy the thrill of modern aviation for everyone. And, if you want to be a professional pilot, then begin your career at the PreFlight Aviation Academy. You will save thousands of dollars in wasted time and unnecessary costs. And, it will change your life.

While basic FAA mandated flight training is required for anyone seeking a path to professional aviation, the PreFlight Academy has been founded upon the belief that aviation training is also an essential first step for those planning a career in aviation products and services, air traffic control or anywhere in the aerospace or related industries.  The PrefFlight Aviation Training Center & Flight Simulation Studio, therefore, provides an introductory and continuing flight education program which unites modern ATD technology with a rich in-flight training experience.  However, The PreFlight Academy provides much more than the technical knowledge and practical skills that are the precursor for more advanced training.  The PreFlight Academy builds upon the principles of independence, self-reliance and individual accountability not only critical for in-flight performance and safety, but for success in throughout life as well.

At the PrefFlight Aviation Training Center & Flight Simulation Studio we deliver a “solo ready" student candidate in order that the certified flight instructor (CFI) can replace expensive and the time consuming introductory task work of learning to fly the airplane with advanced flight training skills and principles.  The result is a more highly trained student pilot prepared for the FAA check ride, and completed with time saving proficiency at substantially lower cost.

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The PreFlight Aviation Cadet Camp is a rich and realistic environment. This 5 day program is a challenging and exciting environment for ages 13-17, and integrates a sound academic setting with a rich realistic flight deck experience. Each PreFlight Cadet is assigned a “stick buddy”, or co-pilot, and together they will:

  • Master basic stick & rudder skills and the aerodynamics of flight in a realistic setting

  • Learn how to use basic flight planning resources

  • Properly apply aviation terminology and communications skills

  • Learn how to properly manage crisis and adversity in the airplane

  • Learn basic navigation techniques

  • Understand how to efficiently prepare for the FAA knowledge exam

  • Responsibly evaluate their performance and the performance of others

  • Be "airplane ready" with their first unassisted take-off and landing

  • Save thousands of dollars and wasted time.


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“Introduction To Aviation” is a career development program for adults 18 and older in which you will build greater proficiency and obtain your pilot certificate and ratings objectives faster and at a substantially lower cost by:

  • Building “solo ready” skills quickly and efficiently in our PreFlight Simulation Studio without the interruption of weather, time, travel and unnecessary in-flight costs

  • Learning how to properly prepare for the FAA knowledge exam and flight review

  • Simulating departure and approach patterns, stall recovery, ground reference and airmanship

  • Simulating IFR and cross country requirements

  • Simulating flight environments (i.e. weather, mountain terrain, night flying and dark panel) rarely experienced in real time

  • Preserving cost and time for advanced training requirements

  • See “Stick & Rudder Mastery” for a comprehensive description


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What you can expect to learn:

  • Basic aerodynamics

  • Aircraft systems

  • Flight instruments

  • Airport operations & procedures

  • Communications

  • Fight planning & navigation

  • Radio navigation and GPS

  • Weather

  • FAA regulations

  • The flight computer

  • FAA exam preparation

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